Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Test Results and Recovery

Well, it's been nearly a week since surgery.  Penny's recovery has gone as planned although she will tell you she underestimated the pain she has experienced.  She had 5 different tubes removed yesterday which wasn't fun for her but I know she feels much better having them out. 

We received some good news today and an answer to prayer.  Test results indicate there was no cancer in the margins around the tumor (meaning they got it all).  The opposite breast had no cancer cells and only 2 of 15 lymph nodes tested positive.  We meet the oncologist next Thursday but there is a decent chance no radiation will be required.  We'll at least hang our hat on that for now.

She wanted me to thank everybody for the wonderful meals, flowers and cards.   She loves checking the mail. :-)  We are so blessed to be surrounded by such a caring group of people.

 We received a quote from a friend that has become our motto.. "The task ahead of us is nothing compared to the force of God behind us."  (Thanks Diane)



SHELLY said...

Great news!! Continuing to pray!!

Darin said...

Penny, thinking of you!

Skeeter said...

Awesome news!!! We think of you all the time!! Feel better fast. We love you!!!

Anonymous said...

All of you are in my thoughts. You are a very strong woman Penny! Thanks for the great news and I love the quote.

Ginny said...

What good news! Answers to prayers, for sure! There will be some unpleasant days to come, but you know that God is beside you every step of the way! Love you all! Ginny

Michele said...

Penny (and Ryan) I'm so glad to hear such great news! Prayers answered no doubt! Thinking about you and hope you have a speedy recovery. Again ... you need to get out of the house for a little drive give me a call - we can do a "girls night". Love you girl! Michele


Praise God! I love the quote!
May the God of all Peace surround you and your family tonight. Remember..."You are Loved by the King of Kings!" Rest in His care, Penny.

Shelley Lee said...

It was so great to hear the good news yesterday!! Think of you so much. Then pray. :) Wes just asked "How's Penny?"
Love you! Shelley

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