Friday, October 8, 2010

Reconstruction underway, chemo next and radiation probable

As of tomorrow, it will be 1 month since Penny's surgery.  Aside from some tightness in her chest and limited arm mobility, she has done really, really well.  In fact, she even returned to work on Monday.  While she was physically exhausted the first day, each day has been seemingly better.

Here are some details on her progress along with what is yet to best as I can recall:

Reconstruction is underway and will continue over the next several months.  They have added approx. 100cc's of saline to the expanders already and will continue to add until she gets to a size she is happy with...probably between 400-500cc's.  In case you are wondering, those are her numbers not mine. ;-)  Once chemo and radiation are done, they will remove the expanders and replace them with implants. 

Chemo starts next Wednesday and she will have a total of 6 treatments once every 3 weeks...totaling 4 1/2 months.  She will be on another drug (herceptin) that will be administered along with chemo and continuing every 3 weeks for 1 year.  We ordered a wig yesterday that I thought looked really good on her.  It has a 60's beehive look to it.  Just actually is close to her current style and looked really good for a wig.

Radiation is probable at this point.  Newer studies are showing that pretty much anyone with breast cancer in their 40's should have radiation.  We meet with the radiation oncologist in a couple weeks but this is what we are being told.  I'm not positive on the timing but I believe radiation would come right after chemo is done. 

We have really appreciated all the prayers, cards, meals and such.  I just ask that everyone continue to keep her in your prayers and to give thanks for the answered prayers thus far.  We are truly blessed to serve such a wonderful God and to be surrounded by such wonderful people.



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