Thursday, October 14, 2010

1st chemo session but looking ahead to next summer..

Penny had her 1st of 6 chemo sessions yesterday.  Everything went well once she got past some pre session anxiety issues.  Before leaving the house, her hands were visibly shaking and we measured her heart rate near 140bpm.  I suppose 140 isn't that high if she were exercising but she was just sitting there doing nothing at the time.  I know I don't raise her heart rate like that anymore ;-)  so we're calling it anxiety.  At the infusion center they gave her something to calm her down and she was fine from then on.  I was a little worried if I'm being honest.

Overall, no nausea and no negative side effects thus far.  Her skin feels very warm to touch but she is not running a fever..which is weird but I think normal.  We have been forewarned this Friday could be when she starts feeling some fatigue and it could intensify through the weekend.  She is on multiple anti-nausea meds so hopefully that won't be an issue.  Hair loss is supposed to start around the 7-14 day mark.  As some of you have read on facebook, I think she will make one sexy hot bald chick. :-)

Oh by the way, the gentleman sitting next to me in the waiting room said each chemo session costs $13,500.  Wow!  Thankfully, we have insurance!

Reconstruction continues as she is up to 180cc's of fluid in the expanders on her way to 400-500cc's.  I don't think I've explained this but the expanders are between her chest wall and her chest muscles.  So they are not only stretching her skin but also the muscle underneath.  Sounds painful to me but she only mentions some minor tightness and discomfort.

Radiation initial consultation is next Wednesday but I am nearly certain she will choose to have it done.

She is figuring by next summer she will be done with chemo, radiation and reconstruction.  So for now, we are trying to look past this garbage by looking ahead to next summer.



Michele said...

Ryan, thank you so much for sharing Penny's story with us. She is such an amazing woman and I must say she's lucky to have you as her husband as well as her beautiful and caring children. If you guys need ANYTHING...I'm here for you. Keeping you all in my everyday thoughts and prayers. Love, Michele

Anonymous said...

I too appreciate you sharing what is going on with Penny, as we can keep her & your family in our thoughts & prayers. Penny is very lucky to have you & her loving family to support her through all of this. If there is anything that we can do to help you guys out, please don't hesitate to ask. Wrestling will soon begin & Mitch is more than willing to help you out with Brik. Hang in there. We all love you!

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